True Love Defies Distances

Make your long distance relationship work... Follow this tips

Make your long distance relationship work

A long distance relationshipis a challenge that any relationship must go through once. It makes the bond stronger between two people. However, if the relationship is long distance for quite a bit of time there is also a risk of it fading away before you know it. Here are some ways to make your long distance relationship work:

Have a lot of trust in the your partner

If you want to make your long distance relationship work then trust is the most important part. A doubt can be the biggest enemy in a relationship. Therefore, trust becomes important especially in a long distance relationship.

Do something together

Watch tv as a couple

Watch tv as a couple

Even when you are at one place, doing something together helps you to bond the relationship. This becomes more important in a long distance relationship. Doing something together is a perfect way to defy the distance. Over a period of time, just a phone call can become quite boring. Find a TV show that you both have interest in. or may be you can talk about cooking or discuss your workout regime. Moreover, pursue some common interest and talk about it over the phone. Read a same book or watch the same movie and later talk and discuss about it.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship

Most relationships fail because of lack of communication. When the relationship is long distance, the importance of communication is even more. Therefore, just because both of you are in separate cities or countries, it does not mean that you do not have to be in communication. Talk or message at least once in a day. The advent of technology has given many instant messaging tools. Additionally, do video chats at least once in a week. Video chat is probably the closest you can get to your partner.

Visit each other every few months

Nothing can match the physical touch. Therefore, make some time out to visit your partner after every few months no matter how busy you are. Plan a holiday trip together to rekindle the romance in your relationship. In these few days of travel, make sure that you keep yourself free to spend time with your partner.

Control your temptations

 Control the temptation of flirting with others

Control the temptation of flirting with others

When you do not have your partner with you, you are also very vulnerable to getting attracted to someone else. This problem further aggravates if your partner is busy and you are not able to reach out to them. Understand that there will be bad days and good days. In a long distance relationship sometimes, bad days are more than good days. However, if you are sure of your partner, control the temptation of casually flirting with your friend or colleague. What may start as a casual and harmless flirting initially may take a shape of a serious relationship.

Lastly, remember that a relationship is only worth it when it is not forced upon you. Nevertheless, there comes a time in every relationship when you have to make an effort to make it work. A long distance relationship can only work when there is equal effort from both the ends. If the effort from one side is more, then there is a risk of this fine thread of love breaking apart.

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