Misconceptions About Retirement That You Need To Know

Learn the truth about retirement

Learn the truth about retirement

There are many myths about retirement that make people fear this stage of their life. Remember that all these myths are not entirely true. While there may be basis for some, some are entirely baseless and not true. Here are some of the misconceptions that are usually associated with retirement:

The age of 65 is too old

For some people, 65 is the start of old age. When they reach 65, they feel that they are no longer significant in the society. Fortunately, this generation can no longer say the same. With the advances in technology and health programs, people who reach the age of 65 continue to become productive and even more active than those who are years younger than them. They key here is to have a healthy lifestyle and keeping the brain engaged and active. Don’t change your lifestyle because you are already 65. You should change your lifestyle at a young age so that by the time you reach 65, you will still enjoy life fully. Everything boils down to your attitude and perception.

Leisure is more fulfilling than work

Not everyone is happy about retiemen

Not everyone is happy when retirement comes

There are many people who have a hard time adjusting from work to leisure. When they change to leisure abruptly, they become sick psychologically and physically. The key here is to have a balanced life. Even if you are still not for retirement, make sure that you allot time both for leisure and work. An old saying says that love your work and you never have to work at all. You must find fulfillment in work and at the same be fulfilled when you are not at work. By the time you retire, you don’t have to adjust at all.

Older people have to retire so younger generation can enter

During the 1990s, the government was looking for a way for the younger generation to come in because many of their kind were not employed. This was changed with the introduction of the social security and the concept of retirement. However, this does not apply today. When the older generation will retire all together, there will be a shortage of knowledge. This is the reason why older generations are required by companies to train the younger generation so that the knowledge will be passed on. This is a proof that the older generation is still an important contributor of today’s corporations.

People over 65 are worse than the younger generation

Just because your are over 60 doesn´t mean are no longer useful to society

Just because your are over 60 doesn´t mean are no longer useful to society

This may not be entirely true. Old workers are more committed, makes fewer absences and less mistakes. To top it all, they are full of wisdom that they can pass on to the younger generation. The younger generation tends to become aggressive and in the process commit a lot of mistakes. They do whatever it takes to get the job done at the expense of other people and in the process compromise their values. This is the reason why the older people are still good mentors and still valuable despite their old age.

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