Best 5 Ways To Outwit Smartphone Thieves

Things you need to know about cellphone security

Things you need to know about cellphone security

Smartphone theft continues to be on the rise and this could be justified by the fact that such phones can even be resold for up to $150. According to police report, more than 900 smartphones were stolen in the US through August, and the number is still growing. This number is about those smartphones that were reported as stolen. There are numerous unreported cases as well. In this digital age, a smartphone could be one of the important things that connect owners with friends and family and ensure business continuity. If you do not want your smartphone stolen, then you should read the tips below.

You don’t need to be a genius: Just be aware

Be aware of smartphone theft

Be aware of smartphone theft

The police says thieves have developed their tactics based on the nonchalant public cell phone behavior. If you need to use your phone on the sidewalk, a busy subway, a coffee shop, or other public areas, you should do so discreetly. Some people act like they want thieves to see that they have the latest smartphones in the market. A good example would be someone texting, hands held before him or her, while walking on the road. A thief needs to slap him or her on the head and the smartphone goes flying off. A good thief can even catch it before it hits the grown. You should have using your phone or holding it carelessly. You should watch your surroundings and know the people who are around you whenever you use your smartphone in public. You just have to be aware of your surroundings.

You should know your phone

Every smartphone is unique. It comes with a unique description also and it is important for you to know its numerals. The three important numbers you should copy and keep safe are the serial number of the device, the model number, and the unique identification number of the device. In the event the smartphone is stolen, you’ll have to report these numbers to your carrier and the police. You can find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) for most phones by simply dialing *#06#. The number displays automatically on your screen.

Always lock up your Smartphone

Lock up your smartphone

Lock up your smartphone

Use passwords on your phone especially if you have personal information and contacts that you want to protect. Thieves will erase and reformat you’re a smartphone within few hours of possession. You do not want to experience unpleasant situations where your private or nude pictures are uploaded on YouTube. A password can also help you protect sensitive information stored in your phone. You’ll need to enter password in order to power on or power off some phones.

Activate your GPS / Location Tracking Apps

It is important to install an application that allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your phone. Although thieves have ways of turning the phone off or thwarted the tracking, it is a good practice to also install such an application. Many cell phones have been recovered that way. You can also use the Apple’s Find My iPhone app that can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Apple’s iCloud. For Android phones, you can also use the Where’s My Droid tracking device.

Contact the police as soon as possible

You should contact the police immediately after your phone is stolen and give them the IMEI, the serial number, and the password of your phone so they can log to your tracking device remotely. The next place to call will be your carrier. Let them know that your phone has been stolen. You should change your passwords to sites you have accessed using your phone such as Facebook, Twitter, Email password, banks and other sites. You can brick your phone as well, making it absolutely impossible for anyone to use it. Police says thieves have ways of modifying the IMEI, and some stolen phones often end up in foreign countries where the carrier cannot have any access.

In situations where your life could be in danger, it will be wise to let go of your phone. Make sure you get a detail description of the thief and then contact the police to make a report.

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