Best 5 Ways To Outwit Smartphone Thieves

Things you need to know about cellphone security

Things you need to know about cellphone security

Smartphone theft continues to be on the rise and this could be justified by the fact that such phones can even be resold for up to $150. According to police report, more than 900 smartphones were stolen in the US through August, and the number is still growing. This number is about those smartphones that were reported as stolen. There are numerous unreported cases as well. In this digital age, a smartphone could be one of the important things that connect owners with friends and family and ensure business continuity. If you do not want your smartphone stolen, then you should read the tips below.

You don’t need to be a genius: Just be aware

Be aware of smartphone theft

Be aware of smartphone theft

The police says thieves have developed their tactics based on the nonchalant public cell phone behavior. If you need to use your phone on the sidewalk, a busy subway, a coffee shop, or other public areas, you should do so discreetly. Some people act like they want thieves to see that they have the latest smartphones in the market. A good example would be someone texting, hands held before him or her, while walking on the road. A thief needs to slap him or her on the head and the smartphone goes flying off. A good thief can even catch it before it hits the grown. You should have using your phone or holding it carelessly. You should watch your surroundings and know the people who are around you whenever you use your smartphone in public. You just have to be aware of your surroundings.

You should know your phone

Every smartphone is unique. It comes with a unique description also and it is important for you to know its numerals. The three important numbers you should copy and keep safe are the serial number of the device, the model number, and the unique identification number of the device. In the event the smartphone is stolen, you’ll have to report these numbers to your carrier and the police. You can find the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) for most phones by simply dialing *#06#. The number displays automatically on your screen.

Always lock up your Smartphone

Lock up your smartphone

Lock up your smartphone

Use passwords on your phone especially if you have personal information and contacts that you want to protect. Thieves will erase and reformat you’re a smartphone within few hours of possession. You do not want to experience unpleasant situations where your private or nude pictures are uploaded on YouTube. A password can also help you protect sensitive information stored in your phone. You’ll need to enter password in order to power on or power off some phones.

Activate your GPS / Location Tracking Apps

It is important to install an application that allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your phone. Although thieves have ways of turning the phone off or thwarted the tracking, it is a good practice to also install such an application. Many cell phones have been recovered that way. You can also use the Apple’s Find My iPhone app that can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Apple’s iCloud. For Android phones, you can also use the Where’s My Droid tracking device.

Contact the police as soon as possible

You should contact the police immediately after your phone is stolen and give them the IMEI, the serial number, and the password of your phone so they can log to your tracking device remotely. The next place to call will be your carrier. Let them know that your phone has been stolen. You should change your passwords to sites you have accessed using your phone such as Facebook, Twitter, Email password, banks and other sites. You can brick your phone as well, making it absolutely impossible for anyone to use it. Police says thieves have ways of modifying the IMEI, and some stolen phones often end up in foreign countries where the carrier cannot have any access.

In situations where your life could be in danger, it will be wise to let go of your phone. Make sure you get a detail description of the thief and then contact the police to make a report.

True Love Defies Distances

Make your long distance relationship work... Follow this tips

Make your long distance relationship work

A long distance relationshipis a challenge that any relationship must go through once. It makes the bond stronger between two people. However, if the relationship is long distance for quite a bit of time there is also a risk of it fading away before you know it. Here are some ways to make your long distance relationship work:

Have a lot of trust in the your partner

If you want to make your long distance relationship work then trust is the most important part. A doubt can be the biggest enemy in a relationship. Therefore, trust becomes important especially in a long distance relationship.

Do something together

Watch tv as a couple

Watch tv as a couple

Even when you are at one place, doing something together helps you to bond the relationship. This becomes more important in a long distance relationship. Doing something together is a perfect way to defy the distance. Over a period of time, just a phone call can become quite boring. Find a TV show that you both have interest in. or may be you can talk about cooking or discuss your workout regime. Moreover, pursue some common interest and talk about it over the phone. Read a same book or watch the same movie and later talk and discuss about it.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship

Most relationships fail because of lack of communication. When the relationship is long distance, the importance of communication is even more. Therefore, just because both of you are in separate cities or countries, it does not mean that you do not have to be in communication. Talk or message at least once in a day. The advent of technology has given many instant messaging tools. Additionally, do video chats at least once in a week. Video chat is probably the closest you can get to your partner.

Visit each other every few months

Nothing can match the physical touch. Therefore, make some time out to visit your partner after every few months no matter how busy you are. Plan a holiday trip together to rekindle the romance in your relationship. In these few days of travel, make sure that you keep yourself free to spend time with your partner.

Control your temptations

 Control the temptation of flirting with others

Control the temptation of flirting with others

When you do not have your partner with you, you are also very vulnerable to getting attracted to someone else. This problem further aggravates if your partner is busy and you are not able to reach out to them. Understand that there will be bad days and good days. In a long distance relationship sometimes, bad days are more than good days. However, if you are sure of your partner, control the temptation of casually flirting with your friend or colleague. What may start as a casual and harmless flirting initially may take a shape of a serious relationship.

Lastly, remember that a relationship is only worth it when it is not forced upon you. Nevertheless, there comes a time in every relationship when you have to make an effort to make it work. A long distance relationship can only work when there is equal effort from both the ends. If the effort from one side is more, then there is a risk of this fine thread of love breaking apart.

Easy Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier

Getting your kids to eat healthy is a challange

Getting your kids to eat healthy is a challange

Being a parent is both very challenging and very rewarding, naturally there are struggles but none are not unsurmountable. Being a parent of course you would only want the best for your kids, and probably most parents would agree that the hardest thing you could get your kid to do if he/she is still at a very young age is to eat healthy foods, meaning those leafy greens they deem “icky”.

Surely every parent has to go through that phase sooner or later, as kids would always prefer the better tasting meat or yummy sweets. But they cannot escape from veggies forever, and you should not let tolerate them not eating their healthy veggies. So read on for three tips on how to get your kids to eat more healthily.

What you see is what you get

Teach them by example... Eating together the same food

Teach them by example

Apparently what they see is what they get as well. Remember the minds of young children are like sponges, they just absorb everything they see and observe from their environment. If they see you eating nothing but junk food then they will think that eating nothing but junk food is good too. As a parent you should be able to always be a good example to your kids.

This means that you should change your diet perhaps and start eating more healthy foods, most especially when the kids are there and watching you. If they see you eating fruits and vegetables they will take that as a signal that they should be doing the same thing as well.

You get to decide what they eat

Well of course, you are their parent after all. It might not be a good idea to take your kids with you when you are out doing grocery shopping, especially when they have started to get into the sweets too much. They will just be stuffing your shopping cart with candy, cereal treats and other unhealthy choices that are all but delicious to a young child.

Going grocery shopping by yourself will give you the freedom of buying healthier food choices without the pressure of your kid/s crying and maybe even throwing a tantrum because they could not get the sweets they wanted. You could always search the internet for healthy food options, but good ones would be fish, lean meat and of course your leafy greens.

Explore different (but healthy) recipes

Try new recipes and make a healthy and fun meal

Try new recipes and make a healthy and fun meal

Bring variety to the table, learn something new and try something you have never eaten before. Make sure these are still healthy though, and do a little research on how to prepare dishes like that especially since you have never tried making it before. This is so your kids would not get bored easily with what you usually prepare, which could lessen their appetite if you keep serving the same dish every time.

With these tips, sooner or later your kids would be eating healthier and continue to eat healthy for the rest of their lives. And that is going to be another hurdle as a parent accomplished with ease!

Misconceptions About Retirement That You Need To Know

Learn the truth about retirement

Learn the truth about retirement

There are many myths about retirement that make people fear this stage of their life. Remember that all these myths are not entirely true. While there may be basis for some, some are entirely baseless and not true. Here are some of the misconceptions that are usually associated with retirement:

The age of 65 is too old

For some people, 65 is the start of old age. When they reach 65, they feel that they are no longer significant in the society. Fortunately, this generation can no longer say the same. With the advances in technology and health programs, people who reach the age of 65 continue to become productive and even more active than those who are years younger than them. They key here is to have a healthy lifestyle and keeping the brain engaged and active. Don’t change your lifestyle because you are already 65. You should change your lifestyle at a young age so that by the time you reach 65, you will still enjoy life fully. Everything boils down to your attitude and perception.

Leisure is more fulfilling than work

Not everyone is happy about retiemen

Not everyone is happy when retirement comes

There are many people who have a hard time adjusting from work to leisure. When they change to leisure abruptly, they become sick psychologically and physically. The key here is to have a balanced life. Even if you are still not for retirement, make sure that you allot time both for leisure and work. An old saying says that love your work and you never have to work at all. You must find fulfillment in work and at the same be fulfilled when you are not at work. By the time you retire, you don’t have to adjust at all.

Older people have to retire so younger generation can enter

During the 1990s, the government was looking for a way for the younger generation to come in because many of their kind were not employed. This was changed with the introduction of the social security and the concept of retirement. However, this does not apply today. When the older generation will retire all together, there will be a shortage of knowledge. This is the reason why older generations are required by companies to train the younger generation so that the knowledge will be passed on. This is a proof that the older generation is still an important contributor of today’s corporations.

People over 65 are worse than the younger generation

Just because your are over 60 doesn´t mean are no longer useful to society

Just because your are over 60 doesn´t mean are no longer useful to society

This may not be entirely true. Old workers are more committed, makes fewer absences and less mistakes. To top it all, they are full of wisdom that they can pass on to the younger generation. The younger generation tends to become aggressive and in the process commit a lot of mistakes. They do whatever it takes to get the job done at the expense of other people and in the process compromise their values. This is the reason why the older people are still good mentors and still valuable despite their old age.

Tips To Declutter Your Inbox

Manage your full inbox

Manage your full inbox

When your inbox gets crammed with emails, you can be sure of getting a bit of stress. Yes, it may not be so obvious, but the fact that so many unanswered emails are in your inbox can make you think a lot. With a crammed inbox, you can also get worried that you might be missing an important email, perhaps the answer you have been waiting from an agency. You can really feel the stress if you’re like those who check their emails first thing in the morning. You can start de-cluttering your inbox by unsubscribing from unsolicited emails, stopping notifications from social media websites, stop having conversations on email, and deleting emails you no longer need. This will give you a start. Once this is done, you may consider integrating your email with Gmail, if you’re not already using Gmail. Gmail has proven to be one of the best when it comes to managing your emails and messages. That said, below are some three important tools that can help you de-clutter your inbox.

1. Create labels or folders for your emails

Organize your email according to importance

Organize your email according to importance

Folders and labels allow you to effectively and efficiently manage your emails. You can also use different colors for different files to create a better visual. You may need to delete or change some of your labels and folders in the future, and you may also add some new ones, but they are the best place to start. When creating your folders or labels, it is advisable to make sure that everything has somewhere to go. Avoid miscellaneous as much as possible.

2. You can set up filters

Setting up filters should be the next step in your inbox management plan. This may take more time to set up than labels and folders, but they will help you when it comes to visual ease, fast email processing, and mental clarity. Filters can also help you to clear your inbox very fast especially when it starts getting crammed. Filters can automatically move emails to the right folders. You can also use filters to add labels and keep important emails in your inbox.

3. Make great use of the unsubscribe feature

If that newsletter that comes in everyday doesn’t add value to your life, then there is no need to let it add to the already big volume of emails you have to handle. You can unsubscribe from every newsletter and email that you don’t need. You should also avoid the temptation to hoard information in your inbox just because it is free.

Empty inbox

An empty inbox is a happy inbox

Aside from the three tools mentioned above, you can also archive everything that does not need immediate action. You can also convert emails that need action into tasks to complete. That way, you can have the peace of mind that you’re missing nothing important. The read and the unread features are also available for you. You can always mark unimportant emails as read and those that need action as unread. With these simple tools, you can effectively and efficiently manage your inbox. If these tools are used properly, you can reduce all the stress that come with a crammed inbox while having great access to important messages and information in your inbox.